Blogger, artist or organising all project, you have a tight budget and need an easily updated website as well as professional looking, I offers a solution that meets your expectations.

  • WordPress installation
  • Fully responsive website
  • Multilingualism
  • Semi-custom design
  • Integration of social networks
  • Publication of articles and simplified day


Why Webonline?

We believe in our customers and we do our best to support their development through their presence on the web. At Webonline we know that every company is different and is a different point of its development. That is why their budget and their needs are not the same. We propose and adapt our web offers according to those needs.

In addition to Webonline, we do not leave our clients alone after the realization of their website, but we offer different support services to accompany you, to train you in the updates’ process of your website, or to realize the evolutions that you would need.


What does the blog formula consist of?

You want to start a blog and you need a website of character, we offer to create a blog easily updated, allowing you to publish your posts easily in optimal conditions.

This formula is also perfect for any artist who wishes to show his work on the web.

Or you will organize an event and wish to share photos of this magical moment with your entourage, this formula will allow you to share your best moments and have the opportunity to post comments, and this without using social networks, in which the ownership of personal data is so often abused.

With an affordable budget it offers a serious and reliable alternative to a home-made website or has a fully coded but higher budget website.

With its semi-customizable design, the blog offer will allow you to have a look that looks like you. It is also completely responsive in order to be seen on all media, from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets.

Several modules could be integrated to answer your expectations such as the addition of the comments’ display.

The realization of this blog is done under the same service quality as during the offer “Web development” because each client is unique and important. A questionnaire will be sent at the time of the quotation and after validation to determine as closely as possible your needs and criteria.


Additional information

Knowing that the specialities of the web are plural, we offer additional services such as organizing the hosting, leasing of the domain name or the integration of additional modules that you would need.

Moreover, as our policy is to be close to our customer and its success, we offer a service of updates of the platform CMS on demand, or as a subscription in order to have a formula « Serene ».


  1. Contact
  2. Reception of the estimate at hourly or fixed rate
  3. Validation of the estimate and receipt of the deposit of 50%
  4. Realization of the service offer
  5. Settlement of the remaining 50% to the completion of the task


Description of the service

  • Professional and Responsive WordPress website
  • Creation of pages for your website according to your needs and requests
  • Initial insertion of your texts on all pages (texts provided by the client)
  • Semi-customizable design
  • Integration of social networks
  • Integration of additional modules required
  • Google Analytics statistics integration
  • Installation in your host
  • Training in wordpress updates for your website


Customer Liability

After development and reception of the website, all the accounts created during the implementation and the passwords will be communicated to you. We ask that all our customers to change these passwords at the reception of the website. We are not responsible for any incident that may occur after reception of the site.